What is Pinterest? How is Pinterest used? 2022 Guide for Artists

Are you feeling stuck and uninspired by posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok? In this post, we cover the basics of how to use Pinterest as an artist to grow your channel. And point out the best features yet to come in 2022.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine and social media service designed to enable the saving and discovery of information and ideas using images and videos in the form of Pins and saving them to boards as described by Wikipedia.

Why should you join Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search platform. While Pinterest is called social media, it is different from other platforms as your content is relevant much longer and doesn’t disappear as quickly as on other social networks.

I have noticed that Pinners are there with intent, either to learn or to gather ideas for a project. That’s where you as an artist come in and fill in the gaps in what they are looking for.

Pinterest global analytics

Can you market an art business on Pinterest?

  • 58% of Pinterest users are interested in Art. The majority of people in this category are interested in drawing, painting, digital art and photography.
  • Pinterest users span across multiple generations.
  • Male Pinners and GenZ Pinners are a growing 40%.
  • 85% of Pinners say they go to Pinterest to get ideas on a new project.
  • 80% of weekly Pinners have spotted a new brand or product on Pinterest.
  • Females make up the majority of the audience, although this gap is closing with time.

Doing business on Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest for Business

The wonderful thing about Pinterest is that you can create clickable links to your website with Standard Pins and Video Pins. If someone Pins an image from your blog or website, someone else could then discover it through search and you get more traffic. Of course, this means that you should be pinning your own content.

Unlike other platforms, you are not competing with posts from friends and family (like on Instagram and Facebook) and the latest updates (like on Twitter). Pinners are also there with intent, so you are not competing with highly enticing explicit content like on TikTok, Pinterest also has a strict policy against such content.

Girl on social media

As long as your content is something that people are searching for, your content will come up. That is good news for content creators.

Goals you can achieve with your Pinterest account:

  • Growing your email list
  • Drawing traffic to your blog posts
  • Selling your products and services
  • Selling affiliate products.

Set up your business account

Is Pinterest free? Absolutely!

If you want access to analytics, a live link to your website and to market your art business then you are going to need a Pinterest business account. Sign up here.

Creating a business account on Pinterest.

If you have a personal Pinterest account you can also turn it into a business account. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Account Changes > Convert Account.

Make sure to use relevant keywords in your display name and the description in your ‘about’ profile. Make your account as searchable as possible.

In my profile name, I have used ‘Learn how to Draw’ and ‘Wildlife and Nature Art’. Similarly, which strong keywords would help people look for your artwork. Add them to your Pinterest profile name.

Don’t forget to – Claim your website and other social media accounts.

Claim your website and social media platforms in Pinterest settings.

Create Pinterest Boards and Pins

Create boards that are relevant to your art business. You could check out other artists in your niche to figure out the types of boards they use.

Make sure to use the appropriate keywords reflecting topics that your target audience might be interested in. Ensure that the board names and descriptions have the right keywords so that they can be found during a search.

Don’t be creative with your board names. Such as ‘Art I love’. Instead, a board name such as ‘Sketchbook Art Inspiration’ is a topic that is likely to be searched for and followed by prospective Pinners.

Creating boards on Pinterest

Example of how I use my boards.

By using relevant keywords you help people find your boards via search engines. You hear me? Pinterest boards show up on search engines outside Pinterest.

For example, I looked up ‘art references’ and a board on that topic came up on the search results on google. Your board could be there. So get pinning.

Pinterest shows up in search engines.

Make sure to have several boards with relevant topics and sections within the boards to organise your content.

You can also join group boards and follow other boards too.

Types of Pins

Your aim as an art business is to create persuasive Pins with descriptions that solve a problem that your audience might have. Always include a good call-to-action so that they know your content will help solve it for them.

Make sure that your Pins are optimised for the right Pin size with a keyword-rich title and description.

Video Pins play in the users’ feed and get their attention quickly. They generally are the first few Pins in the search feed or home page, because they get the most views. When you post a video pin you can pick the target audience through tags. These can also be linked to your website to drive traffic there.

Video Pin

Standard Image Pins are static Pins with text overlay that appear in the users’ feed or search. They are a great way to get your target audience to visit your site. Design your Pins with an enticing Call-to-Action to your website or blog.

Standard Pin

Idea Pins – Pinterest Idea Pins are multi-page image and video Pins. They are similar to Instagram stories, but they are found in search and don’t disappear after 24 hours. You can post videos and images. Additionally, you can target your audience by picking the tags that ensure the right audience sees them. These however do not link to outside websites and are designed to keep people on the platform.

Idea pin example

In this idea pin, I chose to lead with a short video and then created a short ‘blog’ on the topic.

They do, however, have great engagement rates and seem to get the most interaction. I have used them to build my followers.

Consider using all three Pins to generate the traffic you desire and build a relationship with your customers.

If you have downloadable content be sure to create a Video Pin or Image Pin for it along with a landing page to gather subscribers.

Share other people’s Pins

Just like you would share a post on Facebook on Instagram, Pinterest allows you to pin other people’s content to your boards. This gives people the opportunity to follow specific boards on things that they are interested in.

You can get your prospects interested in an array of ways. Pinterest for Business is your chance to put a face to your brand. You can create how-to guides, offer ideas on how to use your products or services, or share an Idea Pin on why you began your art journey.

Pinterest trends

Use Trends section to see trending topics and find ideas for your content. In the search function on your Pinterest app, you can see trending topics, similar to Instagram explore page.

Pinterest search.

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Latest Updates coming up in 2022

The latest feature to be rolled out is the Creator hub. This is a nook on the Pinterest app for the most important tools. It will include the ability to take advantage of monetisation opportunities and to check your analytics. Its availability will depend on your location.

Pinterest will be rolling out the opportunity for creators to work with affiliate programs directly in their app. You can also tag products and help people visually search for items based on your recommendations.

Pinterest Creators hub

Watch this space for upcoming opportunities.

If you have already been creating idea pins, expect improved publishing tools with music, stickers and preview options. Additionally, your audience can post a take, showing how they recreated your drawing or art tutorial.

Creators are also going to have the opportunity to monetise their content based on community engagement.

This is so exciting for us artists because it means that there are more opportunities to make money directly on the platform.

Make money directly on the platform.

Finally, Be patient.

Pinterest takes time to understand the right traffic to drive to your Pins and boards.

Pinterest tells us to focus on saving our own content.

So make it a point to comment, react, follow others in your niche. The Pinterest algorithm will recommend your content to others and trending art topics to you as well. Be a high-quality pinner and make sure that your audience is getting what they are searching for.

So create your business account and start Pinning your best content.

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