How to Tackle an Art Challenge as a Beginner

Have you ever pondered taking part in an art challenge but decided against it?

Over the last few years, I would try the Inktober challenges and give up in the first few days. Firstly, it was a huge commitment! If life got complicated and I could not do a drawing daily, it would demoralise me. Secondly, as I scrolled through the feeds of beautiful work, the comparison monster kicked in.

Eventually, I learnt to give myself grace and be okay with making mistakes during these challenges. I have realised I don't need to follow every rule to participate in a challenge. The whole point is to confront your skill levels and grow in your artistic journey.

So if you have chosen to sit out an art challenge, I am here to convince you to give them a go.

Here are a few tips to tackle any art challenge confidently:

1. Pick your art challenge accordingly. There are several art challenges around, do one that inspires you. I discovered that I liked short art challenges as they were easier to participate in.

If you are undecided about which art challenge to try - here is a comprehensive list to check out.

2. It's okay to do an art challenge badly. Show up and do your best. If you skip a few days or make some bad art, it doesn't matter. Just focus on what you can accomplish rather than everything that went wrong.

3. What is the one thing that you need to improve on? Anatomy? Line? Form? Perspective? Focus on developing one skill during each challenge.

How does an art challenge benefit you?

The accountability that comes with participating in art challenges can push you to step outside of your comfort zone and try new topics, techniques or styles that you might not have otherwise explored. Furthermore, these challenges often come with a supportive community of fellow artists also taking part in it.

Participating in challenges can help you develop discipline and consistency; they are crucial traits for any artist looking to hone their craft. Art challenges can also be a great way to boost your confidence, as you can see your skills develop in a short period of time.

Hand Drawing Challenge

This year I wanted to take up the 100 Hand Challenge as I have always struggled to draw hands. If you follow me on YouTube or Pinterest, you will notice I post short videos on my hand drawings.

I have done this art challenge at my own pace, doing as many as possible in a day without putting any pressure on myself. I am currently at sixty-four hand drawings. Thirty-four to go!

I am excited to share a sketchbook tour of my hand drawings with you soon.

Art Challenge Drawing Hands

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Earlier this year, I participated in the #1Week100People Challenge. Check out my work here.

One Week Hundred People Art Challenge

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