Staying Curious Leads To Creativity


Hi! My name is Priyanka Kashib, but you can call me Pri. I am a Perth-based illustrator and designer. I have worked in the Arts and Design industry for 12 years. I started Drawing with Pri because I felt I had more to offer by bringing nature and art into the everyday life of people. I wanted to share the beauty of intricate hand-drawn products with you.

As artists, we know nothing lasts forever. The massive loss of wildlife and woodlands in many parts of the world highlights how important it is to preserve our heritage. I set out to create this series with a deep desire to capture our present, with the hope to preserve our future through my designs and illustrations. This is my way of joining the wildlife rescue for our future generations.

My art has brought me a sense of calm and happiness that is becoming harder to achieve in our ever-changing world. I am committed to bringing joy to others through art, colour and creativity.

Ready to join me in your creative journey?

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