Art Studio Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Having a personal art studio is a dream for most of us young artists. If you want to express your creative spirit having your own art space is liberating. It doesn't have to be a large room, it could even be a closet or a tiny nook that you can transform.

When I was younger I lived in a tiny apartment and shared a room with my sister. There was no room for a special art studio to call my own. Nonetheless, I picked a small corner to revamp and call my own but dreamed of having my own space one day.

After moving in with my partner he helped me turn the cinema room into my art studio. It felt exciting to have my own space and surround myself with things that inspired me. I spend almost my entire day in this room so I decided to make it as special as possible.

If you are curious as to how I maintain my art studio, here is a sneak peek...

Whether you have your own art studio or just a small nook it is important to turn it into an uplifting spot. For most of us, the idea of an art studio can seem like a luxury, but it is easier to create than you think. Here are a few things to consider when setting up your special spot no matter the space or budget you have.

Pick your spot

Find a spot that you can declare as your own. It could be a corner in a garage, tool shed, closet or bedroom. The size of the space doesn't matter unless you plan on painting on huge canvases. The main considerations are where you will store your art supplies, and how you can use that space to create art.

Natural light in your art studio

Lots of natural light

Rearrange your furniture in a way that you can maximise the natural light that you receive. Pick a room that has large windows so that natural light can bounce off the walls and illuminate every corner. If you paint at night, look for a good set of artificial lights to everything well lit and easy to see.

Inspiration board

Corkboards are relatively inexpensive and can be used to house art that inspires you. Put it in a place that you will see regularly.

Find your art inspiration

Make it unique to you

Your art studio should reflect you as a creative person. Look for inspiration in a variety of items, not just pieces of art but the décor as well. Try a fun rug, colourful cushions, a comfy chair, string of lights, lamps etc. Add a few hardy plants that are easy to care for if you are new to taking care of them. You can easily pick up many of these items at an op shop without breaking the bank.

Organise your storage

Find the right storage units for your materials. Shelving and draws are easily affordable if you purchase them in second-hand stores or apps like Facebook marketplace. Keep things simple and minimalistic to avoid clutter.

Organise your art materials

Access to a sink or a tap

For many traditional artists having a sink and running water is essential to their work process. Try picking a spot that is close to your kitchen or bathroom so that you can wash your materials and hands. It can be helpful to have a dedicated sink for the purpose but it might be something we work towards.

Look after your space

The most frugal way to spruce up your studio is to keep it tidy. I feel much more inspired to work in a neat room than in a messy one. Make cleaning up a part of your routine. Perhaps you could listen to music or a podcast and get it organised over the weekend. Or you could put it in order at the end of your workday and prepare for the next.

Your art space doesn't have to be huge to serve as an art studio. Even if your creative corner is a tiny nook, you can make the best of it by using your creativity to give it a splash of personality.

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