Continuous One-line Drawing Technique

Continuous line drawing is a technique to help you build your hand-eye coordination and observation. In this method, you sketch with one uninterrupted line. These drawings are unusual and expressive. In this video, we will practice drawing a still life with a pen, using one line only.

The benefits of this exercise are that it helps you build a steady drawing hand. This exercise encourages you to be a creative problem solver on the go as you navigate drawing your subject with one line. It challenges you to keep your hands moving smoothly and your drawings spontaneous.

The fun of continuous line drawing is that anyone can do it, irrespective if you are a beginner or an experienced artist.

Materials to draw with:

1) Pencil or Pen: Something that draws a good line with a steady flow of ink or graphite. It should feel comfortable in your hand and allow for effortless movement.

2) Paper: We don't need fancy paper for this exercise. Anything big enough to move your hand freely will do.

How to draw with the continuous line drawing method:

Place a few objects on a table to draw; they don't have to be complex. Before you start drawing, take a moment to observe your objects. Pay attention to the edges and contours of your subjects. Then, place your hand on your paper and pick a point that you want to start drawing. Sketch it slowly, moving your hand evenly and draw the shape and contour of your subjects. Don't break the line, keep your hand moving. Treat this exercise like a puzzle to be solved on the go.

Focus on capturing the essence of your subjects. Embrace imperfections; mistakes are only natural. Don't overthink this exercise. The key is to explore moving your hand freely while observing what you are drawing.

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