Learn How to Draw the Lily Flower, Petals, and Leaves

Have you wanted to learn how to draw the beautiful Lily on paper? In this post, we will discover the step-by-step process of sketching the exquisite Lily flower. So, pick up your art materials and get ready to draw!

Over time, Lilies have acquired many meanings. This beautiful flower represents purity, love, innocence, and rebirth.

For me, it brings back fond memories of the early days with my husband, back then my boyfriend. He was the first man to make a romantic gesture of getting me a bouquet of Lilies. In the era of hookup culture and short relationships, this small gesture made me hopeful that something beautiful was waiting to blossom.

These fragrant flowers have a special place in my heart. I love drawing them. I hope you will experience their beauty while you sketch them.

Find more examples below to draw a lily realistically

Yellow lilies.

Anatomy of a Lily

As artists, we don't need to understand the detailed anatomy of a Lily (unless you are doing a scientific illustration). So here, we are going to focus on what we can see.

At the core of the flower, we find the pistil. Surrounding the pistil are the stamens, which contain the pollen-producing anthers. Their positioning can vary depending on the Lily's species. Try to imagine the Lily's central parts as cylindrical forms.

Lily diagram.

Moving outward, we come across the petals. You'll notice that its petals often form an oval shape. Petals can vary in shape, depending on the specific Lilly variety. They curve and spiral gracefully around the pistil and stamens. Notice the patterns that they make in the diagram above.

Additionally, leaves can be long and slender. They often emerge from the stem in an alternating pattern.

Creating the Framework

If you are a beginner, creating a framework as a starting point to build upon might be helpful.

Begin by lightly sketching the main shapes that compose the Lily. Let's start with a circle for the top view and a cone for the side view. In the 3/4th view, it will also be a cone shape. But because we view it from the top, we see more of the upper surface of the petals.

Lily framework to draw.

Draw three lines to guide us to where the centremost petals will be.

Drawing a lily framework.

As you create the framework, remember it doesn't have to be perfect. Allow yourself the freedom to make adjustments as needed. You can make changes as you progress.

Now, let's draw in the centermost petals.

Drawing the Lilys' centermost petals.

We have the basic structure. Let's add the petals behind our drawn petals.

Lily outermost petals.

Don't forget to draw the stamen and pistils. Ensure that they originate from the centre of the petals. Now, we have the basic structure of the flower.

Lily flower completed.

Here are some examples of the different angles of the Lily flower.

Lily flowers drawn in different angles.

If you observe the petals closely, you'll notice the soft lines that follow the contour. Draw them in and avoid making them too dark. Keep the lines soft and gentle.

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Additional tips for drawing the Lily flower

Don't forget to vary your line weights and strokes to create a sense of movement and texture. Use lighter, more delicate lines for the softer areas, such as the petals, and bolder, thicker lines for the sturdier parts, like the stem. Darker line weights can also suggest areas of shadow or depth.

The contrast in line weight adds visual interest and helps to differentiate the different elements of your drawing.

Pay attention to the lighting and shadows within your composition. It can enhance the three-dimensional effect of your artwork, making it appear more dynamic.

Lily flower ink drawing.

By following these guidelines, you should be able to draw the delicate beauty of a flower. I hope this tutorial helps you draw the Lily flower easily.

Practice Exercise

Go out in nature and sketch flowers from life. If you can't find some Lilies, check out Unsplash.com for references. Try to practise drawing the different personalities of single flowers from various angles.

If you want to sketch curved petals, this tutorial will help you. After all, petals are very similar to leaves. This tutorial pairs well with this one.

Learn how to draw dynamic leaves.

Learn how to draw curled leaves.

How to draw a Lily Flower


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