208 Ideas - Free Printable Drawing Prompts For 2023

Being creative isn’t always easy. Sometimes days go by and that inspiration to get started just doesn’t happen. The blank page stares back at you mockingly. Download my FREE drawing prompts list for the days when you run out of ideas.

Drawing prompts and ideas list

On days when creating feels impossible, you merely need to jumpstart your artistic process. That’s why I have created a list of drawing prompts to jolt your mind and have you drawing in no time. No more blank sketchbooks, find topics to keep your creative juices flowing. 

Here are a few tips to keep you sketching and drawing through the year. 


How To Stick To The Drawing Prompts List

1. Pick a colour or material you normally avoid

What if your favoured choice of tool is holding you back?

Like most artists, I had a preferred medium for many years – coloured pencils. Watercolour and acrylic paints opened up new ways of self-expression for me.

Are there particular media that you have always wanted to try but have been too afraid to give it a go? Maybe you have always wanted to try inks, or even just painting on a larger surface. If you consistently paint with a brush try using your fingers and see how that makes you feel and how it changes your technique or the image you create.

Trying new tools and methods leads to finding new perspectives. Push through the fear of the unknown because this might be where you’ll find yourself.

Drawing in ink.


2. Design a creative ritual

Prepare your work/creative space the day before you plan to draw. Lay out your tools and brainstorm ideas that will help you prepare for the execution. The hardest part is getting to the task, so find your optimal productive time and don’t let your negative thoughts force you to back off. Focus on completion. The point of a ritual is to practice it regardless of how you feel, even if it is for 10 minutes only.

Habit journal for artists.


3. Commit to a drawing series online

Make the smallest commitment that you can keep, even if it is only one tiny sketch a week. Just stick to it! Focus on completion rather than perfection. Join an online series and share it with people around you. This practice increases accountability as people will come to expect work from you.

As much as I would love for you to join my drawing prompts, pick a list that inspires you! Specific themes and topics will provide the right creative constraints and give you the direction you desire.

4. Doodles not drawing

If you enjoy a Netflix binge after dinner as I do, use that time to create some stress-free doodles. Drawing while your mind is occupied is a great way to flow without getting caught up with your more critical mind. Listen to a podcast if you prefer and just put your hand to paper and see what happens. Allow your subconscious to take over and experience a new kind of artistic freedom.

I also enjoy doodling on newspaper or handwritten notes where the text becomes a part of the design. This method is a great way to break the habit of expecting beautiful pieces of artwork.

Doodles on notebook paper.


5. Open your eyes to a new perspective

Try looking at your topic in different ways. How can you add a little of your own special personality to make it unique? Perhaps you can zoom in on the subject’s eyes, or try a new lighting angle. Attempt drawing a blind contour of the subject. Ask someone else to describe the subject and draw it without a reference. Looking at an object from a new point of view is a sure recipe to break that stubborn creative block.

Ink pen art on paper drawing.


6. Utilize the buddy system

Find a creative partner who wants to grow along with you. Join art meetups, Facebook Groups, or find a friend who enjoys art. Partnering with someone who enjoys the creative journey as much as you do is a great motivator. You can discuss your ideas and get constructive feedback from them.

Set a task and a time limit to complete it and keep that promise and commitment with your partner. Being a buddy to another budding artist is a mutually beneficial activity and gentle propeller to your artistic dreams.

Drawing with a creative partner.


Download this drawing ideas list so that your sketchbook does not stay blank this year.

208 Drawing ideas

If there is something regarding your artistic practice that you have been trying to wrap your head around, comment and I will try to answer your questions.

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