Silhouette Drawing Ideas and Techniques - Video

Silhouette art is a technique that reduces complex forms to their basic outlines. A well-crafted silhouette has the power to capture the imagination of the viewer and tell a compelling story. In this video, I will help you understand the techniques to master silhouette drawing. We will use negative shapes to discover the silhouette of the subject. Finally, we will put all that we have learnt by drawing different animals and their silhouettes for practice.

A good silhouette indicates the age, strength and mood of a subject. It should transcend language and culture through a visual language that helps the viewer quickly register what they are looking at. This is why silhouette drawings are an invaluable tool for artists.

Artists try to ensure an object or figure is 'readable' without details such as lines and shading. Silhouettes help us to check if the fundamental design of the drawing is easily recognisable. The silhouette of a subject should reveal a clear and distinctive form.

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Silhouette Drawing Ideas

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