Finding Inspiration in Art: Understand Why Effort Matters

As a teen, I had a very inconsistent art practice. Even though I knew I wanted to take up art professionally, I would wait for inspiration or the right mood to get me started. I would struggle to stay motivated. In this post, we will discuss ways to find and stay inspired.

Do you need help with moments where you feel uninspired?

Picasso said, "Inspiration Exists, But It Has to Find You Working."

Long past my teenage years, I have learned that inspiration is rarely a lightning bolt moment. It needs to be actively sought out, and you need to put effort into finding it.

The reality is that you can't rely on "the mood" to create art. Creating art requires effort and persistence, even when you don't 'feel' like it or experience internal resistance.

Getting past the initial resistance

We need to push ourselves to work for at least 15 minutes to overcome the initial phase of doubt and uncertainty. Being creative is different from the instant gratification you experience when you play video games or watch Netflix.

Finding inspiration is not a linear process. There will be days when you feel stuck or uninspired, but that doesn't mean you should give up. Push through those challenging moments and keep showing up. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to tap into your creative flow.

Get past internal resistance to be create.

Allow yourself to make mistakes and embrace imperfection, as it's part of the creative process. Once you let go of waiting for the perfect moment or the feeling of motivation, you will develop the discipline to create even when you don't feel like it or experience internal resistance.

Finding inspiration is not a passive process

Seeking inspiration requires effort and dedication. The more effort you put into finding inspiration, the more likely you will uncover it. It could be attending a workshop or sitting down to write or paint. As artists, we must prioritize creativity and create space by developing routines for inspiration to flourish.

Developing a Routine for Inspiration

Set aside specific times each day or week to engage in activities that inspire you. It could be a morning writing or painting session. Plan a date with yourself, and visit a museum or gallery that uplifts you. Or seek out artists that help you find the 'why' of your art journey.

For me, I draw every morning. This routine has helped me be more consistent in my practice. When I go for days without sketching, I feel less inspired and stuck.

Create a routine or ritual.

Experiment with different routines and see what resonates with you. It can make the process more consistent and reliable.

Finding inspiration starts with understanding that it's not just a stroke of luck or a random occurrence. It requires actively immersing yourself in new experiences, exploring different perspectives, and constantly seeking out new sources of knowledge in your art.

So, if you are in a creative rut, remember that inspiration is within your reach. Put in the effort, and you will discover your creative potential.

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