Drawing Exercise: Non-Dominant Hand Sketching - Video

 Why bother drawing with your non-dominant hand? Drawing with our unusual hand can reconnect us to our childhood and remind us of what it was like to be an absolute beginner.

When we draw with our dominant hand, we rely on muscle memory to create art with ease. When we remove the comfort of 'pretty' drawings we are forced to look at our creations with a fresh perspective. Disrupting 'normal' can compel our brains to be more playful and curious like when we were kids.

This technique causes us to let go of perfectionism as we work with our hand that isn't as skilled as our dominant hand. We are forced to embrace wonky, shaky and messy lines.

As a recovering perfectionist, I challenged myself to draw with my left hand to help myself embrace errors and mistakes.

I hope you will try it too!

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