Pencil Sharpening with a Blade: Get the Perfect Point for Drawing

 As an artist, the quality of your tools greatly impacts the outcome of your work. A simple but often overlooked technique that can make a world of difference in your drawings is well-sharpened pencils. Sharpening your pencils correctly can affect line quality, texture, and precision.

In this video, we will delve into the secrets of achieving exceptional drawing results by mastering the art of pencil sharpening and the best ways to hold your pencil. Discover how to select the right pencil sharpener and blades and understand the different types of sharpening techniques. We will learn how to create the best tip for intricate details and a rounded tip for shading. Join me as we discover how to sharpen pencils for exceptional drawing results.

Materials I used:
Kincrome Blade
Sandpaper - 120 Grits
Sandpaper - 220 Grits
Staedtler Lead Pointer Sandpaper

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