The Art of the Sketchbook: Artists and the Creative Diary | Book review

Do you feel like you need some fresh inspiration for your sketchbook practice? This book is perfect for those who need some new ideas.

I have bookmarked pages and art styles that I'd like to study. I decided to share this book because it might help you too.

The Art of the Sketchbook
The book starts with an introduction to sketchbook art by Alex Hillkurtz. He says...

"We are currently in the midst of a global explosion of sketchbook art. At no other time in history have so many artists from all walks of life, and all corners of the globe, expressed themselves in sketchbooks."

"Not everyone who keeps a diary is Shakespeare, and not everyone who keeps a sketchbook is the next Rembrandt. To draw in a sketchbook is its own reward."

This book provides a glimpse into 30 artists' sketchbooks with diverse styles to motivate you to get drawing. Numerous doodles and illustrations are often left in sketchbooks, hidden from view by everyone except for a small group of people. But in this book, we get a close look into artists' free and playful experimentation. These early versions and creative side projects reveal intimate and new aspects of the artist's process.

Along with each artist's sketchbook spread is an interview with them about their artistic journey and offers insights on the significance of their sketches. It provides context for their artwork. At the end of each interview, they share their favourite sketchbook size and materials to draw with.

The book covers many genres, themes and mediums, including travel journals, doodles, life studies, animals and highly inventive cartoons.

I absolutely recommend this book if you are having a dry spell with your creativity!

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