What They Don't Teach You In Art School - Book Review

As I grew my artistic practice, I realised that the only way to turn it into a sustainable career is to learn from other artists who have accomplished it themselves. I am doing a book review of 'What They Don't Teach You In Art School' as it is an illustrator's manual on making money with your art.

I wish someone handed me this book when I was 18 and wanted to pursue art more seriously. This book is a guide for all artists, no matter where you are in your journey. I believe reading this book is a must for every artist who wants to turn their passion into a vocation.

This book is packed with more than 30 years of art industry experience and advice from Will Terry, the author and 12 other award-winning illustrators to help you get your art career up and running.

What they don't teach in art school

Meet the artist

Will Terry has experience as a freelance illustrator for more than two decades. He has illustrated children's books for major publications such as Random House, Simon Schuster, Scholastic, Penguin, etc. He also co-owns svslearn.com, which holds online illustration classes for aspiring children's book illustrators.

Will also runs a successful YouTube channel where he shares his experience as an illustrator. He is also part of the team that runs the 3 Point Perspective Podcast. This podcast is my current favourite and a must-listen.

My overall opinion of the book

The cover of the book is so warm and inviting. The book has many of Will Terry's illustrations that inspire you to draw and excite you to get into illustration yourself. The artwork in the book makes it an enticing read for those of us who get bored by reading a dry book on business. The colours, textures and varied themes keep you visually drooling while you devour serious topics on developing your art career.

Online school vs art school
The book starts with the absolute basics for those pondering an art job. It guides you on your many options from online school to traditional art school and how to gather the necessary skills to get hired as an illustrator. The author covers how to master your craft and develop your style to be good enough to find work as an artist.

The biggest question every artist has... "Will I make it?". Will guides budding artists on getting freelance work and how to get a rep. He has a long list of what to include in your portfolio to land a job. He emphasises that any artist needs a website and shows you how to display your work to impress potential clients. The book also covers how to brand yourself as an artist and leverage social media and email to market yourself.

It covers the many ways you can use your creative skills to get hired and get a full-time art job. Of course, if that path is not for you and you prefer working solo, he has you covered too.

copyright for artists

For those of us who are interested in running an art business, this book covers how to price your artwork, deal with contracts, crowdfunding, copyright, invoicing and the many little things that we don't get taught in art school.

It wraps up with interviews with twelve successful artists and their advice for up-and-coming artists.

'What They Don't Teach You In Art School' delivers on the promise of filling in the gaps that art school did not teach you. After reading the book, I felt excited to be an artist in a time of endless possibilities.

Are there any art books that you wish you had read sooner?

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